Hi, I'm Gok


I’m the head body transformation coach

and founder of

Gokay Fitness

Getting started is always the hardest part on your journey to fitness.

For many people, walking into a gym can be intimidating and exercising alone can be boring.

My job is to support and motivate you on that journey.

Please select from our four options below.


3 Month Body Transformation Programme (men&women)


My clients who enrol on this  

programme tried losing weight and getting fit for a while (or have been 

thinking about it!) but haven’t succeeded for several reasons.



Typically lose between 6-10 kg

Drop 2-4 trousers/dress size  


They are more energised at work and in their private lives

Their sleep improves

Their mental health improves


 1 to 1 Personal Training

based at Gok's Fitness Hub in Dulwich Village:


My team and I specialise in designing fun and effective training programmes

Perfect if you have a specific goal in mind or you’re starting exercise again after a break

We ensure you reach your fitness goals, whether that’s toning
up, getting lean, building muscle or increasing stamina


3 Month Group Body Transformation Programme


I bring a small group of women together (typically 5-6) who share the same weight loss, fitness and wellbeing goals, and support them for a 3 month period.


Perfect if you want the results you would expect from my high end 1-to-1 body

transformation programme and to enjoy being part of a group /community for a fraction of the price

Gok's Fitness Park.jpg

Variety of Outdoors Group Classes
Our group classes offer
a variety of strength and cardio exercises (also Boxfit and Pilates)

Perfect if you enjoy exercising with others/are on a tighter budget
Our groups are based in Gok's Fitness Park in Dulwich Village and they are well structured for both beginners and advanced levels
of fitness

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