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frequently asked questions

Facilities and Amenities:


1. Is parking available?

We don't have a car park, but there is free parking on Gallery Road right by our entrance.


2. Are restroom facilities provided?

Yes, we have two toilets available.


3. Are there water fountains on-site?

Indeed, we have two fountains for your convenience: one for filling up your bottle and another for drinking.


4. Are there shelters or covered areas outside?

Yes, we have two large outdoor shelters that accommodate classes.


Class Details:


5. Do you cancel classes due to bad weather?

No, we have ample covers to shield you from inclement weather.


6. What classes do you offer?

We offer Total Body classes, Spin classes, and Hyrox sessions.


Total Body

Our Total Body classes feature circuit weight training, cardio, and core exercises to target the entire body. With a maximum of 12 attendees per class, we ensure an intimate setting for individualised attention from our instructors.


Spin Classes

Our Spin Classes are outdoors, offering a silent disco experience where you hear the instructor through headphones. We provide covers in case of rain, and each class accommodates up to 7 attendees.


Hyrox Sessions 

Introducing our latest offering at Gokay Fitness: Hyrox-focused classes designed to prepare you for the event or simply push your limits!


7. How long are the sessions?

All our classes and PT sessions are one hour long.


8. What is the intensity of the classes?

Our classes vary in intensity, but Gok will guide you to the most suitable class for your level. Our PTs tailor sessions to each client's needs and abilities.


9. What happens next after completing the 6-Week or  12-week Programmes?


After completing the 12-week Programme, it's important to maintain your fitness levels as well as the healthy habits you gained throughout the programme. Most of our clients who go through our programs switch to 1:1 PT sessions or group classes to maintain their fitness levels. 


10. How long do my passes last?

Both our Group Class Passes and Personal Training Sessions are valid for one year.


11. Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

No, passes cannot be transferred to other clients.


Accessibility and Policies:


12. Do you have both indoor and outdoor spaces available?

Yes, we have two excellent indoor spaces equipped with plenty of machines.


13. Can I bring my dog?

Certainly, your furry friend is welcome to join you for 1:1 sessions only. However, they will need to be on a lead and not distracting other sessions. 


14. Can I bring my child to a 1:1 session? (Considering health and safety guidelines)

Yes, but the child must be a newborn due to health and safety guidelines.


15. Can I bring my bike?

Yes, we have a bike rack at the hub for your use.


16. Can I come and visit? 

Absolutely, it'd be great to meet you if you're able to swing by.


Just a heads up, our setup is a bit different from your typical gym or leisure centre. Gok handles all inquiries personally, and Gok's PT team is usually tied up with client sessions.


Could you give Gok an idea of when you're thinking of dropping by, then that way, he can make sure he is available and free from any other commitments.


Membership and Payments:


17. How do I join?

Unless you're interested in our group classes, it's advisable to schedule a Discovery call with Gok to explore our training options. Following your goals discussion, we'll proceed with our standard protocol and inform you with what to expect next. 


18. How do I pay?

For our Group Classes, you can conveniently purchase passes through the Gokay Fitness App, where you can add your card details and choose from blocks of 6, 12, or 24 passes.


For Personal Training sessions, we arrange payment via Direct Debit, which typically takes 4-5 working days to process. Please note that we don't enrol you on a recurring basis, but we'll remind you when your sessions are running low. If you prefer, we can set up auto-payment for your convenience.


19. Why can't I pay with my card?

All the PT sessions and programme payments are handled via Direct Debit. We regrettably don't accept bank transfers or cash payments as our payment and booking portal are connected to each other.


20. Do you accept cash or alternative forms of payment?

We are a cashless business. 


Participant Requirements:


21. What should I wear during the sessions?

Wear sportswear that makes you feel comfortable and is appropriate for working out.


22. How do I choose my PT?

During your Discovery call with Gok, he will determine your goals and match you with the best PT that suits you. 


23. Is the facility for both men and women?

Yes, everyone is welcome!

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