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frequently asked questions

How does online training work?

Once you purchase one of my online training programmes I will send you your log in details.  You will then complete some questionnaires to help me understand your situation and your goals.  In order for me to create your programme you will need to answer all questions in full.  You will be responsible for contacting me on a weekly basis with your updates and progress.  You will be communicating with me personally.  I will support you every step of the way to help you reach your goals in the safest manner and achieve long lasting results. 


How long does it take until I receive my personalised programme?

I will send you your log in details immediately where you can access the questionnaires for completion. Once I receive all your information and before photo I will begin creating your plan.  This takes me anywhere from 24 hours to 2 days to make your bespoke plan.


Do I have to take before pictures? 

Ideally yes as this helps me create your programme and it will really help motivate you to see your progress.  So many of my clients who were reluctant in the beginning were so inspired by the changes that they saw in themselves.  Your pictures are confidential and only seen by me.


Can the online programme be at home?

Yes. Based on your answers in the questionnaires I will design your programme based on the equipment you already have.  I do recommend a basic dumbbell and weight set.


Does online personal training really work?

YES ABSOLUTELY.  The reason is because we work together and I educate you on all the aspects around your goals be it weight loss, lean muscle gain etc and provide healthy macro controlled meal plans and recipes. I teach how to make  changes to your plan to fit in with your lifestyle and help keep you motivated and progressing in the right direction.  My online training works if you do!   If you follow my plans then you will see results. 


Do I need to purchase any equipment?

You will ideally need a set of scales to weigh yourself and some kitchen scales and a tape measure.

Ideally if your training is going to be all at home then I would recommend the following:

A basic dumbbell and weight set

Resistance band

Kettle Bells

A Skipping Rope

All of these can be purchased in the UK from:


For international clients, please visit your country’s suppliers.


Can I drink alcohol on this my plan?

You can drink alcohol although it will of course slow your progress.  Anything in moderation but if you are serious then I would encourage you to really limit your intake or stop completely.


Can I include some of my favourite foods in this plan?

Based on your answers to my food questionnaire (providing it is healthy) then yes I will incorporate this in your 7 day meal plan and thereafter you can do so from the healthy recipe options.


Where can I get my body fat checked?

You can purchase a tool for this from:®/dp/6030579185


or you can visit your local gym and ask them to do this for you. Another option is using an electronic body scale:


Does online training mean I work with you as my trainer in person?

You do not work with me in person. You have in app messaging/skype/whatsapp access to me depending on your package.


If I live locally, can I come for a training session?

Yes of course. (One to one sessions are charged separately, ask for details)


I’ve just had a baby, when can I start?

Before you begin any kind of training programme you should get medical clearance from your doctor.


I am pregnant. Can I start training?

If you are pregnant but have not been exercising before then it is not advisable to start now.  If however you have been training then yes we can work together but with moderate intensity exercises.  I would always recommend asking your GP if you have any concerns.

I’m in my late 50s. Can I still get results?

There is no reason for you not to get results. Of course as you get older and your metabolism slows the results take a little longer but are still possible.


Are there refunds?

I operate a strict no refund policy.  If you follow my programme you will get results so you have to be fully committed to doing this.


How often will I hear from you?

How often you hear from me depends on your package which can be viewed in the packages section.


What type of physical activity will I be doing during the session?

This depends on your goals, equipment and preferences.  Your programme will be created from your answers to the questionnaires.


How long is each session?

This depends on your goals and availability and again your answers to the questionnaires. Anything from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.


How often do I need to train?

This depends on your goals and availability and again your answers to the questionnaires.

Anything from daily to twice a week.

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