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Our Total Body classes include a dynamic mix of strength, cardio, and core exercises. Depending on the day’s programming, you may experience circuit training, supersets, partnered exercises, or synchronised group activities.


Our Spin classes are a favourite among members, featuring an outdoor setup—covered on rainy days—for a silent-disco-style experience that focuses solely on the music and the instructor’s guidance, enhancing the immersive nature of the workout.

Our Lift Classes ​are designed to build strength and muscle. You'll be utilising barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. No cardio in the session. 


Hyrox is an innovative global fitness competition, and as an affiliated gym, we offer specialised classes that prepare participants for the race. Though these sessions are ideal for those aiming to compete, they are open to anyone seeking a rigorous challenge.

For seamless experience, please download our app.

Pricing Options


Drop in: £22

A Block of 6 Class Passes: £117

A Block of 12 Class Passes: £219

A Block of 24 Class Passes: £389

Drop in HYROX: £25

A Block of 12 HYROX Passes: £240

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