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Getting people fit has always been my passion! From a military background originally, I know how to get you to your maximum fitness levels. But this isn’t bootcamp – unless you want it to be! 


When you’re getting fit and transforming your shape, you need to be sure that you’re training safely. As a professional personal trainer with more than 21 years experience, you can be sure that your health and wellbeing is always my number one priority. My fitness plans and accompanying videos are designed with safety in mind and the videos provide different views of each exercise so you can fully understand the correct techniques and postures.


I am:


  • Fully qualified (REPS level 3 Advanced Diploma; Advanced Anatomy and Physiology).

  • Highly experienced, with 17 years personal training experience, working as a technical and sports sergeant for the Turkish Airforce, then with Nuffield Health UK and running my own personal training business.

  • A professional international bodybuilder, winning a gold medal for Turkey in 2005.


I train with clients face to face in Gok's Fitness Hub in Dulwich, London, UK as well as online.


If you’re in London, I can arrange training sessions and fitness reviews with you in person.


So now you know about the services I offer, my qualifications and experience, get in touch today to book your FREE consultation!

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