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3 Month Body Transformation Programme


Who am I?

My name is Gokay.

I'm a fitness coach/personal trainer based in Dulwich, South London, SE21.

I help busy professionals – who have tried everything else but failed – to set and meet a deadline for getting fit and healthy. 

Throughout my years of training hundreds of people, I've come across exactly the same issues with almost every single person. These issues have to be resolved if you want to lose weight, get fit and feel healthy.

People who succeed in their training goals are the ones who can address each of these 3 key elements:

Lack of Knowledge: You don’t know what to do or where to start from. 

Easy to Quit: Nobody keeps you accountable for getting fit and healthy.

Lack of Motivation: You get bored. You are not motivated to make changes in your life.

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This is roughly just below 160 stone which is equal to the entire body weight of 14 average men! 

Since 2010 the people I've helped have lost over 1000 kilos of body fat in total.

This is why I’ve devised my 3 Month Body Transformation Programme


Who is it for?

People who enrol on my 3 Month Body Transformation Programme are generally:

Very busy professionals. They are often successful in all aspects of their lives except for their fitness and wellbeing.

People who’ve tried losing weight and getting fit for a while (or have been thinking about it!) but haven’t succeeded for several reasons.

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What I need from you?

To be open-minded and coachable

To maintain regular communication with me


Who is it not for?

This programme is not for you:

if you expect miracles without making any changes in your life

if you are not committed

if you can't create space for a couple of hours a week in your diary for your workouts 

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What results can you expect?

My clients who enrol on this programme:

Typically lose between 6-10 kg

Drop 2-4 trousers/dress size  


They are more energised at work and in their private lives

Their sleep improves


The difference

You might be thinking...

What is the difference between traditional personal training and my 3 Month Body Transformation Programme?


Traditional Personal Training Sessions: You buy a block of sessions and use them over a certain time period. You know that 1 week is 168 hours. If you train once a week with me you are on your own for the remaining 167 hours. It doesn't mean you won't get the results, but you really need to be self-disciplined.


My 3 Month Body Transformation Programme: When you enrol on this programme, you still come and train with me 1 to 3 times a week. However, on the days you aren’t having a 1-2-1 session you’ll follow a customised workout plan, that I’ll design for you, using my fitness training app. I’ll check in with you daily to keep you accountable and motivated. 

I’ll become part of your life to enable you to get the results we agreed at the beginning of your programme. 


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Gok's 3 Month Body Transformation Packages

(you pay the total up front or instalment plans are available)


12 PT Sessions

(once a week)

3 Month Online Support via my app

Bespoke Meal Plan 

Daily Check-ins


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£990 (or £350 x 3)


24 PT Sessions

(twice a week)

3 Month Online Support via my app

Bespoke Meal Plan 

Daily Check-ins


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Motivation Guide for wix.png

£1890 (or £660 x 3)


36 PT Sessions

(three times a week)

3 Month Online Support via my app

Bespoke Meal Plan 

Daily Check-ins

1kg Complimentary Protein Supplement


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Motivation Guide for wix.png


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£2700 (or £950 x 3)


FREE strategy call/meeting

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