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12 Week GROUP
Body Transformation Programme

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Who am I?

My team and I help really busy people – who have tried everything else but failed – to set and meet a deadline for getting fit and healthy. 

This is roughly just below 160 stone which is equal to the entire body weight of 15 average women! 

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Who am I?

My name is Gokay.

I'm the head body transformation coach/personal trainer based in Dulwich, South London, SE21.

Since 2010 the people we've helped have lost over 1000 kilos of body fat in total.

From years of experience training hundreds of people, I’ve come across exactly the same issues with almost every single person. These problems have to be solved if you want to lose weight, get fit and feel healthy.

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What is My Group Body Transformation Programme? 

Our 12 Week Group Body Transformation Programme is a great way to meet people who also share similar goals. Since our group classes are available for everyone, many of our previous clients who have finished programmes still attend our group classes as well as those who are currently enrolled or those who are simply just attending!  


Helping you with motivation, inspiration, and dedication our 12 week group body programme empowers you to concentrate on your goals with the help of all those around whilst supporting each other. 


We'll meet for our very effective group fitness classes (currently 20 classes throughout the week to choose from).


We'll guide you through each exercise. They are typically combination of weight training, cardio and core exercises, and are really good fun!


In these classes, you'll meet other ladies who have been through this programme. They are still part of my community and they like to keep fit and be on top of their health and fitness. They are very welcoming and will be hopefully good inspiration and motivation.


Don't you worry, we give easy/medium/hard options for everyone, so you can always choose the intensity that suits you!  


On the days we don't meet, I'll personally set up your additional home workouts that I tailor for each individual using my online app. You'll follow the exercises using my 2-way angled workout videos, and have a weekly well-thought-out exercise schedule to follow for 12 weeks.


You'll receive a meal plan for your calorie requirement which comes with a shopping list.


I'll invite you into my WhatsApp group and check up on you on a daily basis and you'll also have the support of the other group members.

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This is why I’ve devised my

3 Month Group Body Transformation Programme

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Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Women who enrol on my 12 week group body transformation programme:


Want the results you would expect from my high end 1-to-1 body transformation programmes 


Have tried losing weight and getting fit for a while (or have been thinking about it) and haven’t succeeded for a number of reasons


Are willing to work hard and achieve great results in a relatively short period of time


Like to be part of a group sharing the same mindset and similar objectives 

What Results Can You Expect?

Women who enrol on this programme typically lose between 6-10+ kg (some has lost up to 18kg!)


Drop 2-4 trouser/dress sizes 


They tone up very noticeably

Their energy level improves dramatically which affects their performance in both their professional and personal lives


Their sleep improves 

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What results can you expect?
What I need from you?
Who is it NOT for?
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Who is it not for?

This programme is not for you:

if you expect miracles without making any changes in your life

if you are not committed

if you can't create space for a couple of hours a week in your diary for your workouts 

What do I want from you?


You need to enjoy being part of a group /community 


You need to be open-minded and coachable


You need to maintain regular communication with me and my team

Why this is different

You might be thinking…


What is the difference between traditional group fitness classes and my 12 Week Group Body Transformation Programme?


Traditional Group fitness classes can be very irregular. You buy a block of group sessions and use them for a certain time period, or you just drop in as and when. There is no structure or specific goal with these classes. You turn up, do your class and go home. No one checks up on you. You really need to be self disciplined to be accountable and motivated every single day.



When you enrol on my 12 Week Group Body Transformation Programme, you not only attend your carefully designed regular group classes with like-minded people with the same goals (weight loss/physical transformation) but are also kept accountable with daily check-ins, and can get motivated with my community. You get a meal plan to make sure you are eating the right food. The remaining days that you are not attending my classes, you follow the workout plan that I design specifically for you by using my fitness training app with over 250 2-way angled videos.  

My team and I become part of your life to enable you to get the results we set at the beginning of your programme.

Happy Clients!

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What is included? Packages

Gok's 12 Week Group Body Transformation Packages

(you can either pay the total up front or in instalments)

Group Body Transformation Package


  • 24 class passes (2 classes a week) 

  • 12 Week Online Support

  • Weekly workout schedule with my Training App

  • Bespoke Meal Plan 

  • Daily Check-ins


Mindset guide for wix white.png


Motivation Guide for wix.png


(or £269 x 3)

Only a fraction of

my 1-to-1


Group Body Transformation Package


  • 36 class passes (3 classes a week) 

  • 12 Week Online Support

  • Weekly workout schedule with my Training App

  • Bespoke Meal Plan 

  • Daily Check-ins


Mindset guide for wix white.png


Motivation Guide for wix.png


(or £324 x 3)

Only a fraction of

my 1-to-1


Schedule your strategy call

FREE discovery call/meeting

If the slots in the booking system don't seem to work for you, contact me below 

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