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Legal Disclaimer for Gokay Fitness

Gokay Fitness is not a substitute for personal or professional medical care and diagnosis. The information contained within the website is not intended to provide specific physical or mental health advice. Gokay Fitness is not a medical professional. 


If you are in poor health or have pre-existing physical or mental health conditions there may be risks associated with the activities on Gokay Fitness. Gokay Fitness recommends that you obtain medical advice from your GP/ medical professional before undertaking any online or dietary programme.


If you have any specific dietary issues then Gokay Fitness suggests you do not participate in any meal plans/recipes at Gokay Fitness. 


With any exercise programme there are certain risks to your health and safety and exercises not executed properly can result in injury. These risks may also exist for those who are currently in good health.


If users fully implement the products and services from Gokay Fitness they should see the desired results.  If they do not then this could result in a lack of progress or results for the user. It must be disclaimed that even when consumers implement any products or services in full it is still possible they will not get the results they may have expected.


You are using Gokay Fitness, programmes, workouts and coaching at your own risk and Gokay Fitness is not responsible for any injuries or health problems you may experience or even death as a result of using Gokay Fitness.


General Statement of Programme Objectives and Procedures:

I understand that Gokay Fitness online personal training programmes may include exercises to build the cardio respiratory system (heart and lungs), the musculoskeletal system, (which involves muscular endurance, strength and overall flexibility), and to improve body composition (increasing muscle and bone and decreasing body fat). Exercises include aerobic activities, such as walking, running, bicycle riding, rowing machine, group aerobics, swimming and other aerobic activities, weight lifting using dumbbells, machines and other equipment to improve muscular strength and endurance, as well as flexibility exercises to improve joint range of motion.


Description of Potential Risks:

I understand that the reaction of the heart, lung, blood vessels as well as other systems to exercise cannot always be predicted with accuracy. I know there is a risk of certain abnormal changes occurring during the following exercise, which include abnormalities of blood pressure or heart attacks as well as other side effects. Use of weight lifting equipment, and engaging in heavy body calisthenics may lead to musculoskeletal strains, pain and injury if adequate warm-up, gradual progression, and safety procedures are not consistently followed. 


I understand that Gokay Fitness shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by client (buyer) while and during and/or from a personal training programme. 


I  am voluntarily choosing to participate in Gokay Fitness online physical exercise programme and any information, instruction or advice obtained from Gokay Fitness will be used at my own risk. 


 I the Client (buyer) assumes full responsibilities for any injuries or damages which may occur during and/or after participation in any exercise programme designed by Gokay Fitness on my behalf.


I understand that I might be refused entry to a group class if I arrive late and miss the warm-up..

I hereby fully and forever release and discharge Gokay Fitness, its assigns and agents from all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, present and future therein. 


I understand and warrant, release and agree that I am in good physical condition and that I have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing me from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental to heart, safety, or comfort, or physical condition if I engage or participate (other than those items fully discussed on the health history form.

I state that I have had a recent physical check up and have my GP/ medical profession’s permission to engage in aerobic and/or anaerobic conditioning. I agree that any information, instruction or advice obtained from Gokay Fitness must NOT be used as a substitute for my doctor's/medical professional’s advice or treatment.


Description of Potential Benefits:

I understand that a program of regular exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles and joints has many benefits associated with it. These may include a decrease in body fat, improvement in blood fats and blood pressure, improvement in physiological function and decrease in heart disease.

I have read the foregoing information and understand it. Any questions, which may have occurred, have been answered to my satisfaction.

Gokay Fitness Recipes:

Access to www. will be solely for the individual client as part of their paid package. and shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that websites/apps are only used with his authorisation.

Termination of the service will occur if Gokayfitness becomes aware that unauthorised access has occurred. 

Services shall not be transferrable or shared with non paying clients.

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