Welcome to my new 6 Week Body Sculptor Programme


Who am I?

My name is Gokay (people call me Gok)!

I'm the founder/head coach at Gokay Fitness. We are based at Gok's Fitness Hub in Dulwich Village, South London, SE21.

My team and I help really busy people – who have tried everything else but failed – to set and meet a deadline for getting fit and healthy. 

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Psychologists have studied that deadlines have real benefits.

You are much more productive when you have 3 hours left to prepare a presentation than 3 weeks.

Deadlines are effective precisely because they create an urgency. 


Perfect if :
you are getting married,

your big birthday is nearby,
you want to look fab on holiday!


In my 6 Week Body Sculpture Programme, we will have exactly the same thing. A deadline.

6 weeks it is!

Common Issues

If you only have 3-5 kg that you need to shift and tried everything but you cannot do it?

1) You may be refuelling or exercising in the wrong way,

2) You may be performing exercises in a way that doesn't properly target the muscles,

3) If you can do another rep, then you haven't exhausted all the muscle fibers and you're not going to see the maximum results.

No more of this!

In my 6 Week Body Sculpture Programme, our goal is to 

increase your body's visible muscle tone through an in-depth exercise programme and the removal of fat with optimum diet.


Who is it for?

People who enrol on my 6 Week Body Sculpture Programme:

are already within (or very close) to healthy range of body fat

carry maximum 4-5kg body fat that stops showing muscle definition

don't know exactly how to eliminate extra fat, tighten skin and shape areas of the body.


What I need from you?

To be open-minded and coachable

To maintain regular communication with me and my team


Who is it not for?

This programme is not for you:

if you have more than 5kg body fat to shift

if you expect miracles without making any changes in your life

if you are not committed

if you can't create space for a couple of hours a week in your diary for your workouts 


What results can you expect?

My clients who enrol on this programme:

Typically lose between 3-5kg

Their arms, shoulders, back, legs, gluteus and abdominals get defined   


They feel much more confident wearing sleeveless tops

They get a lot of good comments from their friends and are asked how they did it!


The difference

You might be thinking...

What is the difference between Gok's 6-Week Body Sculpture and 12-Week Body Transformation Programme?


They are as good as each other. They both offer a great way of changing your mind set and body transformation!

But they are also very different form each other.


12-Week Body Transformation Programme: It's designed for people who want to lose over 6kg(a stone) and up to 18kg+ (3stone+) You become so much fitter, lighter and healthier. Exercise and healthy eating becomes part of your lifestyle.


 6-Week Body Sculpture Programme: It's designed for people who are already relatively in good shape but carry up to 5kg body fat. You can't see your muscle definition as this extra body fat conceals them all!


At the end of the programme, you will be more toned and your clothes will fit you in a way that you want them to!

And you will wish you had found my 6 Week Body Sculptor Programme sooner!


Gok's 6 Week Body Sculpture Packages

(you pay the total up front or instalment plans are available)


12 PT Sessions

with a Top Trainer

(twice a week)


2 Group Classes a week


6 Week Online Support via my app


Bespoke Meal Plan 


Daily Check-ins


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£1124 (or £618 x 2)


18 PT Sessions

with a Top Trainer

(three times a week)


2 Group Classes a week


6 Week Online Support via my app


Bespoke Meal Plan 


Daily Check-ins


Mindset guide for wix white.png


Motivation Guide for wix.png


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£1528 (or £840 x 2)

FREE discovery call/meeting

If the slots in the booking system don't seem to work for you, contact me below 

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