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PT Sessions or Group Classes, what's right for you?

Trying to choose between personal training or group classes? It’s a tough call, but I’ve got the scoop.

Let’s start with personal training. Picture this: it’s just you and your trainer, focusing on what you want, whether it’s toning, weight training, or cardio. Got injuries? No worries, they’ll plan around that. They’re all about making the most of your time and working with your schedule.

Downside? Well, it’s just you and the trainer, so no hiding. But don’t worry, they won’t push you too hard. It’s about progress, not pain.

Now, onto group classes. They’re a blast! You’ll be part of a crew, laughing and sweating together. When an exercise feels tough, someone’s there to cheer you on. It’s like a party for getting fit, and it’s easier on your wallet.

The catch? Classes have set times, so less flexibility. But with a limited number of people, you won’t get lost in the crowd. Some might say it’s easy to slack off, but others love the group vibe that keeps them going.

Every class is a mix of exercises, so it’s always fresh. It might not be tailored just for you, but they offer different levels, so you can take it easy or go all out.

So, personal training or group classes? Both have their perks. The choice is yours, but either way, you’ll be on your way to a fitter you!

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